Jim Hereford is a successful entrepreneur

Posted by Admin | April 19th, 2013

Jim Hereford is a successful entrepreneur who has worked in the telecommunications industry for years. He is based out of Washington and has a track record of success in the business world. The telecommunications industry is hardly an easy one to be successful in. It is a complicated field that is constantly in a state of evolution. It is not easy, but industry entrepreneurs much evolve along with the technology in order to be successful. Jim Hereford has become an expert at adapting to the industry’s changes.
Jim Hereford is serving as Fiber Net Inc.’s CEO. Fiber Net Inc. is a telecommunications company that has become more successful chiefly because of their affordable prices, high quality services, and the rise of fiber optic cables and technology as a viable option. Fiber optics have become more attractive due to recently advancements in the market and in technology that have enabled it to be cheaper and more effective.

Founded in 1996, Fiber Net Inc. was ahead of its time. Today it is still a family run company, with Jim Hereford serving as the CEO, and both his brother, Jed, and his father, Ed, being involved in other capacities. The headquarters for Fiber Net Inc. is based in Spokane, Washington. However, there is an additional office located in Denver, Colorado. Fiber Net Inc. provides vital services to the fiber optics industry, including directional drilling and cable placement. They offer these services in the highest possible quality at affordable costs.